Winter Workout Layering Guide

So I recently got into a conversation recently with a friend that is fairly new to running and she was unsure of what to wear outside during the winter months.  She wore the only thing she knew, cotton.  EHHHH!!!!! Wrong answer!  She braved through her chilly run in this and kept going back and forth between sweaty and chilly.  This is what sparked our conversation, as running in the colder temperatures is something that I have actually come to LOVE!  It’s easier to breathe, avoid overheating (for the most part, unless you overdress) and it’s more motivation to stay warm, KEEP MOVING!  So since this conversation I have been working on putting together a little visual image that would be easy to refer to instead of a long, written, drawn out description.  The main thing to remember during the winter months is your base layer SHOULD be DRI-FIT or moisture wicking material to pull the sweat AWAY from your body, as you will STILL sweat obviously.  Cotton absorbs the sweat and keeps it CLOSE to your body.  The rule of thumb when it comes to dressing is to dress like it is about 10 degrees warmer outside then what it really is.  OVERDRESSING can be just as bad, as if you get TOO warm and can’t take the layers off you will sweat more and your dri-fit base layer can only hold so much sweat before it starts to cool you down as well and give you chills.

This is the hardest thing for me to do when it comes to races, because there is about a good 30-45 minutes of standing around out in the cold air during the winter months and you are dressed 10 degrees warmer but you are standing still and not moving.  I get cold so easily!  I actually have a space heater sitting next to me now under my desk.


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  1. uh this graphic is AWESOME! where was this when I went for a run on Christmas day?! I love that it’s pink and you broke it down by categories, SUPER helpful, would you mind if I pinned this picture to my fitness board on pinterest?!

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