I am a mom to two wonderfully rotten kids: my daughter and son.  I am a wife, runner and book lover.  I have lived in three different states:  Kansas, Texas and finally Oklahoma.  I am still a Kansas girl at heart though.  I LOVE sunflowers!!!


I have been a runner for 16+ years now.  I didn’t always love it though.  It wasn’t until after high school that I found running and truly did I fall in love with it after I had kids and was going through my divorce.  I have run the gamut in distances from fun run clear up to an ultramarathon.



I help other people (beginners and enthusiasts alike) fall in love with fitness, nutrition and their overall health and then help them spread the wealth to others.


I have been a therapist for 14 + years and have worked in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, outpatient therapy and home health.  Home health has been my passion for 8 years now as I enjoy not being confined to an office and getting one on one time with my patients.



#1  I initially went to college to be a CPA, but changed my mind after my first year.

#2  I was born in 1981.

#3  My dad passed away when I was 19 years old from complications of diabetes.

#4  I love the color pink

#5  My taste in music runs the gamut, ranging from classical, to country music, to pop, to rock.

#6  My celebrity crush is Dave Grohl.  Yes, my husband knows this!  I can’t help it, he has a great smile!

#7  I passed out at a concert when I was nine weeks pregnant while seeing Foo Fighters.  My husband claims it’s because I was excited to see Dave.

#8  I have big feet!  I swear a size 10 shoe.

#9  I LOVE coffee!

#10  I love my quiet mornings post run sitting out on my patio drinking coffee and watching the cows out in the pasture.

#11 I love to SCUBA dive with my husband and am certified.

#12 I love to travel.

#13  One day I want to run a race in Disney World.

#14  I have 4 furbabies:  3 dogs and 1 cat.

#15  I’m scared to death of frogs, toads, and worms.  YES WORMS and I know they can’t bite me.


I would LOVE to get to know more about you!

~Kim 🙂


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