Week 5 of Marathon Training

So week 5 started with me still be a little under the weather but I managed.  I could finally breath, however the cough and feeling short of breath is what was getting me.

Monday was a short, but taxing run as I pushed my little man in the stroller, while hubby and I ran up and down the road for 1.94 miles.  Why did I stop .06 miles short of 2 miles?  Some cranky toddler and I could only get away with only so many “1 more time.”

Tuesday I managed to squeeze in 3.02 miles in the morning before work.  This was a fairly good run considering my breathing and I managed my pace

Wednesday was more trying being my 4th run in a row.  I got in 5.02 miles.  I decided to forgo the hills and stuck to a relatively flat area as I knew my lungs would be taxed as it was with how my breathing was going.

Thursday I took a rest day on accident.  All week-long I was thinking it was a day behind what it actually was.  So Thursday I thought it was Wednesday.  Whoops!  Sunday’s run through me off!  I did plan to run with my running buddy though on Sunday again instead of Saturday so that meant I could get my other run in on Friday

Friday I was able to get my other 5 mile run in for the day.  This one was a little more difficult than the last 5 mile run as it was fairly humid and lack of wind was tough but I got it done!

Saturday, the PLAN was a short run and then PiYo to stretch out, however we started a “quick project” at home in our sunroom.

Sunday was a long slow run.  The schedule called for 8 miles and that’s what we got in.  It was a little warmed than it had been in the morning with little to no wind but we got it done.  Towards the end of the run, my left knee was starting to hurt just at the top of the tibial plateau so when I got home, I made sure to take some Advil and my glucosamine.  I also got to try out my new Flipbelt that I got!

As the coughing subsides some, we shall see how the lungs handle it and go from there.  I can only do as my body allows me without causing further injury.

Life of a Working Mom and Back to School

Oh boy…this has been one of THOSE weeks for sure!  Thankfully it’s the last week before school starts.  Not that I don’t like my kids hoe from school (less stringent with bedtimes), but a nice set schedule will be nice.   This week for work has been fairy busy and of course I’m slowing getting over the “crud” that I had still.  The congestion has went away but the cough is still there and my lungs don’t feel 100% again yet.   Not to mention the feeling of fatigue and occasional feeling of shortness of breath.  I will be glad once I feel 100% again for sure!

So many parents sent their kids back to school this week.  I truly enjoyed seeing all the return to school photos on Facebook.  We haven’t gotten there quite yet.   My 8-year-old returns to school on Thursday, August 21st.  I can’t believe she will be in 3rd grade this year!  It completely baffles me!  Where did the time go?!?

sofie 1st day


First day of Pre-K3

2014-05-09 19.56.09

I’m just amazed at my bright, sweet little girl and all the joy that she has brought to my life, but now she is getting so big!  The things that come out of her mouth are so funny and sometimes off the wall.  She never fails to keep us on our toes that’s for sure!

So as we go into the final few days before school starts, I am preparing schedules and meals, workout schedules, getting the house in order from the summer chaos and trying to get everything back in order.  Although right now after a full day of work the thought makes me want to yawn.  Can’t I just go lay down on the couch and nap?   Even just 30 minutes?

No I tell myself!  Finish this blog post and get up and get into the kitchen to start dinner before everyone is starving to death.  We did rearrange the schedule some this school year to accommodate my new Fit Club that I have going on every Tuesday night.   So starting in September Sofie will now start going to gymnastics on Monday nights instead of Tuesdays to make it where we only have one activity going on in a days time.  Only a few more weeks to get through of Tuesday’s being packed.  Also I’m going to continue getting up early to get my runs in early in the day and then program workout in the evening in which I’m going to be restarting PiYo since being sick I missed so many of the workouts.

Did your kids return back to school this week?  What grades?   What things do you do to make your schedule easier during the school year?

Week 3 and 4 of Marathon Training

So I’m still in the midst of training for my first marathon however of course I had to have at least one week thrown in there being sick.  Wah…wah…waaahh….

Week 3 was great.  I got all my runs in as scheduled then come Friday I noticed that faint, funny feeling in the back of my throat.  That tingle if you will or scratchiness, whatever you want to call it.  Just enough you wonder if you are imagining things then BAM!  Saturday, full on stuffy nose, cough, sinus headache, the works.  Of course that Friday just happened to be our 4 year anniversary in which my husband took me out for dinner at HuHot while my parents watched our kiddos.  Saturday night we were headed out-of-town to Dallas to enjoy a night by ourselves at my husband’s company pool party (aka adults only).  I felt just down right yucky.  No fever but congested and lethargic.  It was fun though.  When you have kids you miss those adult conversations that don’t get interrupted!  We stayed there until 9 pm then left to go grab a light, late night dinner with all intentions of going out with one of my husband’s coworkers, but by the time we got dinner we both were pooped and just went back to the hotel and I was passed out by 10:30 while my husband was left trying to find something to watch on TV at the hotel.

Sunday, 7/27 – 1.25 miles

Monday, 7/28 – 3 miles

Tuesday, 7/29 –  I got my PiYo Buns in PLUS had an amazing turnout for my Fit Club!

2014-07-30 08.11.27


Wednesday, 7/30 – PiYo Drench plus 4 miles

Thursday, 7/31 – I spent my evening cleaning and getting the house in order for my parents arrival with what little time I had.

Friday, 8/1 – No workout, enjoyed a date night with my hubby for our anniversary and SICK

Saturday, 8/2 – SICK

Sunday, 8/3 – SICK and had to say good-bye to my little girl as she was flying to Texas to spend the week with her Baba, step mom and sister.  I always miss her when she is gone.

2014-08-03 20.59.19


Waiting for the delayed plane

2014-08-03 21.20.34

She had to show off her Texas Rangers shirt we bought for her while we were in Texas

Monday, 8/4 – SICK

2014-08-04 12.59.34


Sofie and her sister playing in the ocean

Tuesday, 8/5 – 2 miles

Wednesday, 8/6 – 4 miles

2014-08-06 07.22.08

Love my running trail in the morning!

2014-08-06 08.06.23It was slow going but I made it.  Horribly humid too!

We also spent our evening at a nature trail with our son, trying to distract him while his Sissy was away.  He missed her horribly!

2014-08-06 18.42.42 2014-08-06 18.44.00 2014-08-06 18.58.56 2014-08-06 18.59.10 2014-08-06 19.12.16 2014-08-06 19.12.45 2014-08-06 19.33.55 2014-08-06 19.34.10 2014-08-06 19.35.20 2014-08-06 19.35.25

Thursday, 8/7 – SICK

Friday, 8/8 – Sick, but better and made plans to run in the morning.

Saturday, 8/9 – Sick but got to go pick up my little girl from the airport!  Instantly made my day better!

2014-08-09 11.27.20-2 2014-08-09 12.04.25

Sunday, 8/10 – 7.09 miles, slow but steady even though I felt like I was dying.  Then my daughter and her friends wanted to have a lemonade stand to help raise money for the JDRF.  I will say they were quite successful!  Almost $75 in 3 hours!  Very proud of them.  We of course went to celebrate later that night with small snocones.

2014-08-10 11.56.27 2014-08-10 11.58.25 2014-08-10 14.30.29


Hopefully this week will be much better then the last two weeks.  I’m starting to feel better, now if I can just get rid of this irritating cough as the nasal stuffiness has went away.

How has last few weeks been since I’ve been MIA?


Week 2 of Marathon Training

So this week marked week two of marathon training for the Route 66 Marathon on November 23rd.  It’s been a hot one here in Oklahoma.  Granted we haven’t been in the 100’s yet but it’s been mid to high 90’s with higher than normal humidity making it hard for running.  Most of this week I had to get up early to get my runs in without feeling like I’m dying too much with the humidity.

Sunday started off my week, not so much with a run, but with some PiYo Sweat from Team Beachbody.  I’m noticing the fact as a runner I need to add in some flexibility training and as well as the fact it is helping me with some strength building in my core and upper body.

I started out my week with my first run on Monday running with my neighbor and one of her friends.  They are always a joy to run with because our conversations vary so much and usually revolve around our kids and daily motherhood/wife struggles.  It’s always refreshing to know that you are not alone.   Monday evening was spent with finally getting in PiYo Buns after my kids went to sleep.  This was my first time getting to this workout of the DVD.  Boy did it work my legs and butt!  Ohhweee!

Tuesday I ended up running by myself as my neighbor had something planned.  Tuesday is was even MORE humid than the day before.  I ended up having to stop and walk 3 times due to the humidity.  I had sweat just pouring off of me.  I think between the humidity and the PiYo buns the night before, my legs were pooped!

2014-07-22 07.33.03


2014-07-22 07.34.12



Sweat running down my arm after my run

2014-07-22 07.35.17


Sweat dripping off the tips of my hair

Wednesday was a rest day for me completely.

Thursday, I didn’t make it up early enough in the morning before it got hot to make it out for a run, so I ended up going to the gym to get in a tempo run on the treadmill.  The treadmill is never my favorite, I find it rather boring even with the people watching and the TV so I make it into a tempo run which is easier to do on the treadmill.

2014-07-24 17.45.36

After I got my run in I think outside may have actually been a better choice.  At my gym they have a swimming pool so it’s always a little more humid in there, plus I passed one thermostat and it read 82 degrees.  I was just covered in sweat but I managed.  I wasn’t too happy though once I got out to my car.  I walked out of the gym to my car to find this:

2014-07-24 17.50.35

I couldn’t even squeeze my knee cap in between the side of my car and the door.  I had to climb through my passenger door to get into my seat.  In my awe of how some people can’t park, even when it’s a tiny Kia Rio, a couple of guys walking into the gym had to say a few choice comments and left some “presents” under the windshield wiper for me.  Made me feel a little better it wasn’t just me overreacting at least.

Friday was another rest day for me from running to gear up for my long run on Saturday.  I did get in my PiYo Sweat in for the day and felt great starting my day off with it.  I can’t say enough how much I love Chalene Johnson and her positive attitude with her programs.

Saturday morning I woke up early to get out the door and meet my friend at Turkey Mountain to get our long run in.  Granted this really was a long for us, but as we work through our training program, it is what it is.  I will say 6 miles was rough today, even at 7 am.  At 7 am it was already 80 degrees and the humidity was high yet again.  We are supposed to have cooler weather next week and I look forward to it!  On our run this morning we did see something I had never seen before.  It was rather sad to see, but as we were running the trail ends early due to construction and we still had a quarter-mile to run before we could turn around so we followed the roadway on the shoulder to get in that last bit.  Up ahead we noticed some kind of animal had been hit and as we got closer the coloring made me think of a Bald Eagle and sure enough as we got closer that’s what it was!  So sad to see but I don’t want to even think about what it felt like or heard to the car that hit it.  It was MASSIVE!

2014-07-26 07.04.15

Waiting for my friend Jennifer to arrive

2014-07-25 21.21.58

My husband ended up getting me a new pair of kicks for our anniversary (which is August 1st) after I went and got fitted for them

2014-07-26 08.17.54

The last three tenths of a mile back to our starting point is pretty much an uphill battle.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m used to hills as I run them pretty much all the time, but this thing was termed the “mean b***h” because it just stinks.  I think I can walk faster up this hill than I can run up it.   This hill is a series of short, steep hills followed by a small short “landing” that levels out some followed by another small, steep hill.  There is hardly anytime for your heart rate to recover.  Killer workout for sure!

2014-07-26 08.17.58

So I ended week two with just under 18 miles.  Next week will be right at 16 miles.

How is your training going?  What race and/or distance are you training for?

For those of you that haven’t read my post about WHY I am running the Route 66 Marathon you can find that here.  It is very near and dear to my heart as I am running it in memory of a friend and fundraising for the JDRF charity as well.

If you would be so kind as to help me reach my goal, I would great appreciate it!


Warrior Dash Race Recap

So I’m a little behind on my race recaps if you can’t tell.  Sorry!  So we ran Warrior Dash back in May.  It ended up being a fairly nice day to run other than the fact it was a little cooler considering there were water obstacles but we made it.  I was excited about this year, because I had FINALLY talked my husband into running a 5k with me.  Granted it wasn’t your typical 5k since it had obstacles and this year it wasn’t timed for us, but we had fun none the less.

My husband had started earlier in the year running first off to continue trying to lose weight but also knowing that he had Warrior Dash coming up.  I’m so very proud of him!  This was definitely stepping out of the comfort zone for him.   He started his weight loss journey back in October 2013 just watching what he ate and swapping one meal a day out with Shakeology.  Pretty soon by the first of the year he had lost 20lbs just by doing that.  Then once he started adding in running two to three days a week to his new, improved diet and Shakeology once a day, he managed to lose another 27 lbs.  Leading up to Warrior Dash, his side started hurting during his runs so he tried to slow it down and take it easy by adding some walking in there when it got too bad, but he managed.   At one he was up to 6 miles.

So back to Warrior Dash, it was fairly cloudy day and our heat was at 11:00 am. Packet pickup had changed and ended up being a HUGE ordeal with lots of standing around and waiting, unlike last year where it was quick, easy and painless.  I found this a little discouraging as I wanted to keep the whole ordeal pleasant in hopes my husband would decide to run again.  I know we waited in line for over an hour just for packet pick up and gear check.  We finished just in time for the start of our heat.  It was cutting it pretty close.

This year they changed some of the obstacles around which made it pretty fun as it was at the same location as last years here in Oklahoma.  Last year it was timed, but for whatever reason this year it was not for the non competitive heats.

There were a couple of obstacles where we had to walk up (one being a very steep hill) and some uneven terrain that was a little rough to run on.

All in all we had fun.  I didn’t get too many pictures since I even checked my phone.  There is some good people watching at these events though with all the costumes and such.

Warrior Dash both


My husband and I jumping over the fire pit.  Love that they captured his smile during so!


Warrior Dash


Have you ever run a mud run or obstacle course?  Did you like it?

Week 1 of Marathon Training

So I made the big decision on Wednesday to take the first steps into this and it didn’t come easily.  I was in turmoil most of the week trying to decide sometimes to tears because I didn’t feel like I could just sit back and NOT do anything.  It was on my Tuesday morning run that I had went out running because of some saddening news.  One of my coworker’s husband had passed away.  I had the pleasure of getting to know him and in our many conversations he would remind me of my dad whom I had lost at the age of 19 to diabetes and kidney failure.  My dad had suffered with diabetes long before I was ever born and so has my mom (who is still living by the way).  So to hear of his passing was a little rough on me to say the least as he too suffered from diabetes and kidney failure.  Plus my dad passed in July of 2001 so to hear of Gary’s death in yet again July bothered me. Running is how I deal with emotions and frustrations as well as joys.  It is my time to meditate and think things through.  Tuesday I had no distance in mind other than to just run and think.  So I ran and ran faster, and yet faster.   I ran and I cried and ran some more.  Flash back to Sunday my husband was joking around that I could fundraise for a charity and run in the Route 66 Marathon.  I quickly told him he was crazy and dismissed the idea.  So during my run this thought began to inch its way back into my head.  As soon as I got home I brought up the fundraising website and low and behold the charities were listed.  Guess what charity was one of them?  If you guessed something dealing with diabetes, you are correct!  The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Oklahoma Chapter to be exact.  Too coincidental in my mind.  So I got ready for work for the day and went through my whole day thinking about this in my car.  I work in home health so I have periods of alone time in my car throughout the day.  The more I thought about it the more anxious I got and the more I teared up. Later that night I brought it up to my husband and asked him if he would help me out along the way because I had never ran anything more than 13.1.  Anything after that was foreign to me and a large part of it would be mental for me.  Plus it is hours of training and miles in my shoes (which by the way I would be needing new ones soon).  He gave me the go ahead and said he would be there somewhere along the course after mile 13.  The next day I emailed my boss and brought it to her attention as being a “field employee” sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of the people you need to.  She wrote back saying she was tearing up reading my letter and would talk to human resources to see what they could do to support my efforts and she was able to put me in contact with my coworker.   Thursday ended up being  busy day for me as it is a day that my daughter had gymnastics and I had promised her I would take her to Hobby Lobby afterwards.  So I sent my coworker a text as I didn’t want to interrupt any family stuff going on as I remember with my dad’s passing how busy you were afterwards.  She just so happened to call me back in the middle of Hobby Lobby.  So as I talked to her I wondered aimlessly around the store with my daughter eavesdropping and wondering why Mommy was crying.  I can write about emotions fairly well, but to put them into words without planning is difficult for me especially when I’m in tears.   I got her blessing and of course after I got off the phone Sofie immediately wanted to know why I was crying so I quickly explained to her and she got excited.  She said she couldn’t wait to go to another race and watch Mommy run and for a good cause. So throughout the week I had been still running as my schedule I had set up instructed which actually wasn’t too far off from what the Tulsa Runner’s World Beginner’s Full Marathon schedule said, which by the way I’m just jumping into week 2 since I already have a base.

Sunday, 7/13 – 4.5 miles

Monday, 7/14 – 3.4 miles

Tuesday, 7/15  – 4.03 miles

Wednesday, 7/16 – 3.7 miles

Thursday, 7/17 – REST

Friday, 7/18 – REST

Saturday, 7/19 – 3.15 miles (Porter Peach Classic 5k, check back later this week for a race recap of it)

TOTAL – 18.78 miles

The schedule won’t really push me until about October when the higher mileage hits.  Luckily my running buddy Jennifer said she would train with me and she would run the half so I wouldn’t be alone.

My goal for the JDRF donation is $500, so if you wouldn’t mind, please donate whatever you can to help such a great foundation and help me run in honor Gary.  (P.S.  It IS tax-deductible as well, just FYI!)


Have you ever run a marathon?  Any advice for a newbie in training in this area?

Chicken (or Beef) Stirfry





2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and/or sirloin cut into thin strips

2 tbsp olive oil

1 Red bell pepper, chopped

1 Green bell pepper, chopped

1 Orange bell pepper, chopped

1 Yellow bell pepper, chopped

1 Onion, chopped

1 crown of Broccoli

2 large Carrots, chopped

2 stalks of Celery, chopped

1 package of asian stir fry noodles

1 bottle of stir fry sauce

1 cup of Quinoa (or white/brown) rice

1/4 head of cabbage, sliced


1)  Make quinoa or rice as directed.

2)  Chop all vegetables up into desired size.  Cook chicken or beef in olive oil until done over medium/high heat.  Add in vegetables and cook with meat until desired tenderness.  Add in stir fry noodles and stir fry sauce.  Coat evenly.

3)  Serve over quinoa or rice

10 Clean Eating Principles

So many people question “what is CLEAN eating?”

Clean eating is the attempt to weed out all the bad and unhealthy food choices from our diets.  Here are some tips for clean eating.

1. Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day.  Try to spread them out 2 1/2 to 3 hours apart.  The idea behind this is to keep your body fueled and your metabolism up.  Think of it as ‘fueling the furnace.”

2. Eat breakfast everyday within an hour of rising.  This helps get that furnace going.

3. Make your last meal 3 hrs before bed.

4. Combine your lean protein (to hold you over)  & complex carbs (quick energy) at each meal.

5. Eat sufficient healthy fats everyday.  We NEED some fats in our diets to function, specifically our brains

6. Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of H2O.  (Example 140lb person needs 70 oz of water DAILY)

7. Carry a cooler packed with clean foods.  Never leave the house empty handed.   Set yourself up for SUCCESS.

8. Get fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes from fruit and veggies.

9. Adhere to proper portion sizes.


10. Stay away from processed foods.

Chicken Bowtie Pasta

This is a family AND neighborhood kid’s favorite and it’s simple to make!


1-2 boneless, skinless chicken breast

3-4 cubes of  Chicken bouillon

1 package of Onion and Chive Cream Cheese

3-4 Cups of water

8-12 oz of Bowie pasta

Shredded Parmesan Cheese to taste



1.  Place chicken, water and chicken bouillon in a crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours until done.

2.  Bring a large pot of water to boil.  Add in bow tie pasta and cook until done.  Drain.

3.  Remove chicken from crock pot and shred.  Sit aside.  Remove one cup of chicken broth from crock pot and put into a large pot and place on low/medium heat.  Empty the package of onion and chive cream cheese into the large pot of chicken broth.    Heat until well combined.

4.  Add in shredded chicken and bow tie pasta and mix well.  Sprinkle with shredded Parmesan Cheese to taste.  Serve.


Makes 4-5 servings.

Little Boys and Terrible Twos

Aye yi yi!

That’s all I got to say!  The “terrible twos” have definitely hit in this house hold!  So yes, I still think I have the cutest son (what parent doesn’t think that about their children?), but he most certainly is testing his boundaries (not to mention my patience).  HA!  I keep reminding myself that it’s only going to get worse with “terrorizing threes” because let’s face it three-year olds are buttheads.  I will just put that out there.

2014-06-16 09.02.11

I seriously think that kids should get cuter as they age so that you are less likely to beat them (or gouge your eyes out)….maybe.  Okay, okay I’m kidding, but you get my point.

So with my son, it’s not that he is throwing tantrums or crying and what not.  But the word “no” has become strong in his vocabulary.  Sometimes he can be just as sweet and helpful as can be (when he wants to be), but then he can be a little turd head.  Not listening, hitting when he gets mad at you, the occasional breakdown which is to be expected. Plus let’s throw in there the fact that he is a little boy and he IS going to test the waters even more so then what I remember with my daughter, and let’s not forget about the fact that he is male and INVINCIBLE!  HA!

Tonight we were headed to Wal-Mart to get a few items and we got out of the truck and his face was dirty.   My husband made the comment that he looked like a vampire because he had had juice that was red and he had a red ring around his mouth.  Well when I was getting him out of the truck, I thought to myself, that really looks more like blood.  Yep!  It sure was!  He wasn’t crying or anything but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.   We sat him on the bed of the truck trying to get him to sit still so we could look inside his mouth as there was no obvious place otherwise.  Let’s just say that took both of us to get him to cooperate!  Oh gosh!  He wasn’t crying or acting like he was hurt, but I just wanted to know where it was coming from.   Finally I got him to stick out his tongue.  He had bitten the tip of it somehow and it was bleeding.  Not bad that my first thought is “we need to go to the ER,” but bad enough we didn’t want him to keep sticking his tongue out as we walk through Wal-Mart with blood coming out.  Finally it started to subside but of course we get home and he wants a snack.  Of all things he chooses an orange, which of course I’m sure from the acid in it, his tongue starts to bleed again.  Not bad but some, it stopped shortly after he stopped eating the orange.

After that I finally wrestled him down and got him changed and ready for bed.  I was the bad mom though and sent him to bed with only a glass of water and not brushing his teeth.  I didn’t want to brush his teeth to have the tongue start bleeding again.

We shall see what shenanigans he gets into tomorrow!

What things did your 2 year olds do to test your patience?